Cast and Crew


….. for without whom ……

thank you xxxx


The End

march / arpil / may 2016

settling in

many visitors, lunches, guests to stay and building the veranda

and leaving the workshop

The Cabin Is Moving

Monday 15th February 2016

With much help from Dave, Adrian and Paul, the cabin set off to its new home ……


BUILD DAYS four month’s work

November 2015 to February 2016

BUILD DAYS two month’s work

September to October 2015

Getting There

The cabin is beginning to ‘appear’ as many of the internal surfaces are installed. This is both satisfying and alarming as I’m not sure about some of my choices. I always knew that I wanted a minimalist design, but sometimes I think I’ve overdone it! Time will tell, and i’m realising I need to get to live with it a bit and maybe see how it grows on me.