the model is born

March 2013

At last, off the computor and into model mode. Now I can really start to imagine the space and how it will work.


4 thoughts on “the journey begins

    1. stephennow Post author

      YES! can you write them for me? I’m rather verbally challenged. Maybe a Liz Beech “in Conversation With Stephen Clarke” page?

  1. liz beech/phoenix project

    I think even you, challenged as you are, could muster an explanation for the appearance of a meal in your cabin on wheels story. I will have to imagine what it represents since there is no image of a completed kitchen, it can’t be that. I can only assume you managed to persuade one of the many women who minister to your culinary needs to provide you with this sustenance . I’m sure I could stretch my imagination a little further than this rather obvious conclusion, but I’ve been busy with the PHOENIX project today and need to cook my supper and have a nice sit down.


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