BUILD DAYS seven, eight and nine

All on my own now!

After numerous site visits with friends looking at the layout of the kitchen and changing my mind a million times about what kind of windows to order (top hung, side hung, sliding, fixed pane, egress hinges etc etc) AND turning 50, it was time to get out out of ‘talking’ and into ‘doing’ mode. Freezing cold, working on my own and with only the sheep and chickens to keep me company, I struggled on valiantly. Well I did have quite a few visitors and one of them went away and came back again with two scaffold towers, extendable ladder, knee pads and a manly tool belt. It was really slow getting going again after a three week break and my appalling lack of accuracy at cutting endless strips of plywood was really frustrating.

BUT, now (almost) all the out plywood shell of the cabin is complete.


5 thoughts on “BUILD DAYS seven, eight and nine

    1. Stephen Clarke Post author

      Cheers Mark. Yep. I really got down to it. Some shocking ‘bodging’ going on!! Still can’t decide on the bloody windows. I think they might be too big! Watch this space!


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