BUILD DAYS seventeen and eighteen

woking with Simon

11th & 12th May 2013

Just spent a fantastic weekend cabin building with my friend Simon. It was a pleasure and a joy. I don’t mind working on my own but we got loads more done and it was really useful to have another person to talk to even though the chickens are very supportive (And Dave and Nick and Dave).

We spent all of Saturday working on the roof. This began with taking off all the roof felt because I had put it on upside down the week before, then fitting the cross battening which will be used to fix the metal roof to.

On the Sunday we finished off fixing the battens and spent most of the day inside the cabin putting in the insulation. We’re about 2/3 through this, the job just seems to go on and on and it’s nasty and very dusty.

During the build, I notice that my mood can change completely regarding the feasibility of me completing this project. At one moment I can be completely overwhelmed by the scale of it, and the next moment can see it just a series of stages to go through. I feel the latter at the end of these two days as it’s gone so well. The windows arrive in two weeks, I need to order the TYVEK Houeswrap and the cladding which means the exterior could be finished really quickly.

(watch this space. ha ha!)


7 thoughts on “BUILD DAYS seventeen and eighteen

  1. Simon

    Wow, doesn’t it look good? I like the photos, it makes it look like it all happened really quickly and easily… Well done, excellent updating.

  2. louise

    Hello, thought it was about time I checked progress!! I’m glad to see it’s all going well,and that you managed to decide for the windows. Looks as if you’re bieing well fed too!Like the chicken….and it’s egg…bisous, will send a mail now, à bientôt xx


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