BUILD DAY twenty

Monday 27th May 2013

breaking through

After an 08.30 start, I spent a good couple of hours with Master Craftsman Builder Person Mike Meehan who came over to help stop my brain from melting. I’ve done so much research and watched so many YouTube videos about how to fit TYVEK HOUSEWRAP and the correct flashing procedure for fitting windows and how to frame the windows and how to fix the cedar cladding and how to make sure the walls are ‘breathable’ and and and . . . .

So, he went through entire process and set an order for all the above procedures. After he left I felt so much clearer. Then found myself standing in the workshop holding a roll of Tyvek Double-Sided Butyl Tape not knowing what to do. It’s challenging this project!

I remembered that last time this happened, the trick is to do something else, something very practical, to get back on track.

It worked! I finished the door cill and Dave Chadburn passed by and asked if i needed any help attaching the steel plates to the trailer to stop the cabin from sliding off.

So, after all that, a good day. Blimey!


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