BUILD DAY thirty

Sunday 23rd June 2013

cabin is cornered

A rather demanding start to the day when Daniel and I realised we had made two right hand corners by mistake and I got an eye full of sawdust at the same time rendering me partially blind.

Apart from that, the day went really well and we now have two corners that are almost parallel.

There are also too many holes in the wood which unfortunately I cannot photoshop out as it is in fact a real object. Something that has only recently dawned on me.


9 thoughts on “BUILD DAY thirty

  1. Tutak

    You can fix the corners in the edit….oh, no, maybe not this time…’s looking FABULOUS. So impressed with your hard work and lovely blog. (Saskia) xx

  2. Hedda

    Wow Stephen it just looks so fabulous. I can’t imagine anything more satisfying than making your own cabin, and watching it grow step by step — I am so enjoying watching its progress week by week. In fact, come I come and help build one day?
    xxx Hedda

    1. Stephen Clarke Post author

      yes yes

      come and help! thank you for your lovely comment. it is really satisfying, very challenging too, sometimes i feel completely overwhelmed by it.

      yes come and help! that would be great mate!


  3. Gillian Booth

    The holes in one’s life cannot be photo shopped out either. Great line for a poem. I see you’re cracking on…

    1. Stephen Clarke Post author

      cheers michael!

      yup cedar cladding is next. and with each piece i put on it will look more and more finished. no glass in yet mind!

      have fun on Saturday, sorry i can’t be with you and all your lovely people xxx


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