BUILD DAY thirty two

Monday 8th July 2013

fitting trickle vents and glazing windows

I have discovered that I do not have enough ventilation in my cabin so I now have to cut 8 holes in my beautifully watertight TYVEK membrane. Adrian also carried on glazing and by the of the day all the windows had glass in them. A real achievement as I thought it was just too complicated and difficult.


2 thoughts on “BUILD DAY thirty two

  1. Gillian Booth

    I LOVED the unwelcome visitor, it’s your birthday card doppelganger come to visit you sans blue ear tag. Which reminds me; still no chicken pie, it seems to be delayed gratification.

    1. Stephen Clarke Post author


      I seem to be overrun with animals. I could not leave the workshop yesterday as I had to wait for a chicken to lay an egg on the hay bale above my chop saw.

      Chickens and Lambs and pies!

      Maybe not.

      I look forward to the pie



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