BUILD DAY forty six

Saturday 9th November 2023

cladding with Davo

Oh what fun was had as the original winning combination cladders set to. . . .

. . . . to cladding (including some un-cladding / corrections of minor errors)

Almost got the ‘West Wing’ covered.

Also had some lovely visitors to cheer a long proceedings: Gill, Lucy, George and Kevin.


2 thoughts on “BUILD DAY forty six

  1. Terry

    I love to see that a tiny house really can be built in a shorter time span than the 1-2 years often seen. Thanks for posting in this manner!
    Peace, Terry

    1. Stephen Clarke Post author

      Cheers Terry

      Thanks for your support!

      I’d never thought of trickle vents until my carpenter friend told me about their importance. Especially as none of my windows have them. I spent so much time insulating bad draft proofing it seemed strange to then go and cut 20 holes in the walls!


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