BUILD DAYS four month’s work

april to august 2015

Decision  Time

I have spent the last four months fitting the seating and bed base, building some rather wonderful ‘airline’ style overhead cupboards (I hate flying), and finally getting around to an area I have been dreading working on: The Shower.

I have also shouted at myself a lot to make some decisions which seems to have paid off as I have finally chosen the colours for the kitchen doors AND the upholstry for the sofa and bed area AND the waterproof cladding for the shower enclosure.

I have also been trying to focus on completing jobs that have already been started and NOT commence new exciting projects like the sliding rotating wardrobe/room diver facility.


12 thoughts on “BUILD DAYS four month’s work

  1. Simon Roberts

    Stephen! So much work done and so much progress. Looking incredible (you and the cabin of course) xxxx

  2. Rick Crane

    WOW! Amazing amount of work and quality craftsmanship Stephen and team! Love the curved cupboards, the seats, shower….!! You are going to be nervous putting that masterpiece on the road.

  3. Jane

    Just taking an inspirational peek at the cabin and as always ‘wish I was there’…
    I notice a gap in updates – are you in the field yet?
    Hope to see it someday soon, Jane X
    PS very graphic representation of your thumb – yikes!!!

  4. Jane on Whidbey Island,WA

    It’s so much fun getting your updates. I love that curved wood! Don’t dwell on the imperfections. They’re character, and a story.

    1. Stephen Clarke Post author

      Hi jane

      Thanks for your encouragement!
      I’m nearly finished now after almost three years of building. I hope to move the cabin into a friends field in January. Glad you like the curved wood! There’s more of that to come!




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