BUILD DAYS two month’s work

September to October 2015

Getting There

The cabin is beginning to ‘appear’ as many of the internal surfaces are installed. This is both satisfying and alarming as I’m not sure about some of my choices. I always knew that I wanted a minimalist design, but sometimes I think I’ve overdone it! Time will tell, and i’m realising I need to get to live with it a bit and maybe see how it grows on me.



16 thoughts on “BUILD DAYS two month’s work

  1. swithunwells

    Wow de chez wow !!!! looks beautiful. What an artisan artist. Been thinking of you and will call soon. lots of love Michael xx

  2. Victoria Bridges

    wow – it’s looking amazing – particularly that neat triangular shower.   missing you.  like the look of that lunch.  can we have that when i visit?  Love you. Txxx

  3. Anna

    It’s practically finished!!! Love the kitchen drawers. I wouldn’t worry about minimalism, you can soon fill it up, I’m always happy to donate some cushions and soft furnishings! Good to see Peter and Dot too.


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